when i was a kid, i loved creating images with a spirograph. the variation in graphic shape created with one continuous line amazed me. to this day, it still inspires me to create lasting, functional and sustainable design, starting with one single line.

based in anchorage, alaska, i design for local and national brands. thanks to technology, working with clients across the globe, expanding my knowledge of cultures and consumers everywhere is easy. the flexibility of freelancing allows me to design a wide variety of media; identity, branding, web, book and print design, while always focusing on ways to design with eco-friendly methods. browse around, make yourself at home. if you have a project that you would like to discuss, let’s connect.


laura feraco

highlighted work:feather hanging lamps

happy things:

  • sushi & bento
  • green architecture
  • nuthatches on the bird feeder
  • fresh baked bread
  • deep dish pizza
  • a cub win and an oldstyle